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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

just a memory :)

I hear your footsteps as you walk
You take a deep breath of the chill air
I can already see the smile on your lips
As you wonder fleetingly if this is okay
But then as you regain your confidence
That easy stroll, lasting only seconds
And every single second as if from a dream
Lasting for eternity in my thoughts
Anticipation builds up as I can tell
From the sound of your footsteps
That you are already so close
But as you step around the corner
And I run up to hug you
Nothing is there
I hug the empty air, dumbstruck
I can almost feel you there, hugging me back
I can almost hear your voice
I can almost feel your eyes upon me
But almost isn’t there
I just can’t quite feel you hugging me back
I just can’t quite hear your voice
I just can’t quite feel your eyes upon me
Because you are not there
All that I have left of you
The only remnant connecting me to humanity
Is just a memory
And nothing more

memory between me and you