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Monday, April 11, 2011

good luck :)

Final exam is around the corner :) yeah , our matriculation studies will latter .I hope all student's matric salient about it . All students have their own style how they approach their study, some of us could revise their studying in public places , while eating , or listening music or watching television and so on.

But for me , quite different style to revise, I more prefer to make a note , or copy all the words in text book or simply it into short notes. As my experience , I could make a note for two subjects which is Al-quran Sunnah and Syariah syllabus  for form 4 and 5. I like and love to write , this is one of my hobbies. I loves write ,write and write until I felt lethargic hand .haha . quite strange right ? :P
so what's make me proud is , all my notes that I have wrote , my friends took it and photostat ,and they used it  before get into examination hall . Em , this is my style ,until today I still write and make a notes for each syllabus. And you know the advantages is , I can give it to my junior.
Thus it depend on you how to manage your revision very well .

But not least ,
Our setting shall not  astray,we learned for Allah , for our religion , DINNUL ISLAM .However , mostly , we could not control  our  setting or intention for Him , but  for DUNIAWI we desires to get A++ in all subjects, want to be an excellent and professional doctor , a caliber teacher,quite ambitious we want to be or get a big house , big car , and all the triumph  we want to wrap up . Yet , we forgot something , these things are not in long term to stay with us , it would ruin one day. The most important things is our faith , how strong our faith for Allah  ?? does we have faith same position or rank as ulama '  ?they very hard to find "mardatillah"  and religious worship, they know that forever life is afterlife, home for  " mukminin wa mukminat " is paradise. This world is nothingness and no longer exist for them. But how about we ?   yet  you all know about it .


*just recall what the suppose things we should do actually*

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orange said...

InsyaAllah, just tawakkal to Allah for every step you had taken, is taking and are going to take. Wish hard enough, pray hard enough and strive hard enough and He would listen to His Faithful Believers without second thoughts. ^^ Goodluck ladies~