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Saturday, January 22, 2011


In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful,only to Him we express our gratitude and only Him we love the most.....^_~
Hi! it's have been a long time i didn't post new blog, kaslan jiddan,there's much to commit with
So,how to started (no idea).ha!!! CRITIQUES..I love this part,why? cause it always teach me on how to think outside of the box,or in other words you have to deal with critical thinking,just thinking of sth that anyone did not,its quite's ok,just learn and learn more,so that you will give the best critiques ever,n thanks to you,miss~ for giving us this chance to develop our skills in criticizing......and if you were given a topic or presented with stories or any movies,do not summarizing the whole story back,but try to establish your own opinion.Maybe you can start searching for the lacking point of the related story,n remember to reflect it back with your own life.It attempt to be easy if you keep practicing it ! so,are you ready for the next process of learning? all you can get in Mimosa Pudica's you who should to be succeded


HUMAIRA' said...

warghh , new learning from mimosa pudica "critiques"! great job ~~

incognito said...

tHANKS , :)