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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mid term break

Praise to Allah ,
I can do my exam mid term very well , even I know some of the questions , I could not answer very well, :)  its normal right  being a student?

fuhhh ~ really great and enjoyable day today :)
now , I am at my beloved hometown , spending my leisure time my my treasure family, this night , we will gather together having a delightful dinner , at PIZZA HUT restaurant :)

I wanna to share something , it is about my senior ,
uhh , i really hate it whenever i remind this moment ,It was happened to me last  ,last day
 i didn't realise it , this problem will make more worse and worse and more trouble to solve it !  

Yeah ! as well as , I will out from that particular of group " halaqah ",my senior quite hard for them to let me out from this , and they forced me to join their program on this Friday , Saturday and Sunday . They said that, if I join this program , I will get a lot of benefits and knowledgeable input . Thus, I will know what their " hadaf" having that program. This halaqah is underground ,all matters and manner will be keep in secret . They know their halaqah is not legally binding with our University . It may related with political .

 Now I have a problem with them ,I don't know how to express my feeling right now . What ever happened to me , totally I am stressing that, I really hate their style , forcing me , persuading me with brilliant words , chatter me , oh ! how come they may act like this , "kononnya" for those who are not join in this halaqah , they tittle us " you are very selfish. you never think you should contribute something for Islam , you never realise that , DAKWAH is very important today "

Needless to say , they should realise it , being a DAI'E is not a simple things to do. That job quite strenuous . Being a  Da'ie , and at the same time , we are being a student , which one is more essential for us to do first ? the answer : of course being a student , Now , we should gain our knowledge as possible as we can , then we may being a DA'IE . 

The term propaganda comes from the Arabic: da'a, yad'u, da'wah. It means inviting, calling, calling, organizing.
Preaching that we are talking about here is the invite, call, or organizing people to stand in the way of blessing by Allah SWT. Not the way to his wrath and may led astray.
Should be identified, before preaching to others, a Muslim or a preacher (da'i / da'iyat) should be able preaching himself. It must first adorn himself with faith, Islam and Ihsan are united in thought, attitude and daily life.
History has shown, successful mission of Prophet Muhammad  because of the examples and desire attitude are shown. Not the factor of quantity and formality of his mission. If the pattern is missing, then the  advice from the preacher will not have any meaning for the community.

The preacher should know these thing first ;
 "Sunan assittah, tafsir IBNU KATHIR,Sunnah of our Prophet Nabi Muhammad saw , and alot of things they may know ".
Therefore , they may become a good preacher / da'ie.

notes :
 Don't think about others's snag and to resolve it ,but think about how to settle our snag first, then you may clear up their snag very well ~~

hopefully the readers could understand what I am writing for 

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