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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Salam readers ..

These movies/ films ( Korean/Japanese ) are hottest movies among Malaysian currently *esp teens*.
I don't know how to describe these movies because I have a sense to have a watch but then these are not give any spiritual enough for me. Why ? HA-HA, don't know  how to describe * I'm not a crazy fan with their artists* 

I don't want to be a busy body for those who are quite crazy fan with them. But I'm pity enough look at our Malaysian thought that never have any flux in order have a better lifestyle * currently I'm promoting our Asean culture but more stressing our religion ( Islam)*. We looks too crazy with them but how about we ?   ( groaned) * Maybe the readers not clear what's I wanna write here  *

Day by day our Malaysian culture actually, we known as " Adat Ketimuran / dismissed and replacing by others cultures * mostly are contradict with our culture * Even we looks that their cultures full with courteous and something great and we can simply take as our fan or exampler to us , but in the same time , we may follow the bad things * ex; their lifestyles ( mostly ) * ( I don't want to write long words here , the readers may understood well from me, right ? )

the simple questions * err maybe the questions , I thought ; just session warm up :*
 I hope we realize about it

1) How many time we watch the korean/japanese , etc movies ?
2) Don't we think we have waste our time by watching these movies ?
3) Does we provide our time by session  for " addin" ?
4) Why we're too excited to learn their language * Korean/Japanese, etc* why not for Arabic language ?
5) We might  memorize all the artists' name and their lifestyle esp but why not for our 'Ulama ?
6) We might have our schedule for watch each of their movies ,yet we sultry to have 'tazkirah/ ceramah', why it could be like that ?
7) Don't we realize that , our lifestyles seems like them ? 
* oh I meant that our cultures but vital is our religion have not adamant us in our life *

Hmm , I think that's all the our session warm up, I've list all the questions above at the rough paper , yet I just list only several of them . Oh never mind . I don't want to be a babble person *acting like a mother but commonly we said that " jaga tepi kain orang "*Yet I want you all include me realize something , why delinquency cases in Malaysia are getting worse even our government have took their effort on it ? This is because the influences from other cultures might us to be " culture shock ", follow the immoral friends, lack of guidance and affection from parents , absence from the spiritual part in our life and etc. factors that might be raises the immoral cases.

 So we are not surprised if Malaysia in the future might bear the citizens most of them * illegitimate children *. Oh wa'iyazubillah. It might loss Islam pride.Let us do some steps to forbid these bad things in our life. Do is better than never. Let's jihad friends :)
Ameen :)

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ali imran abd rahman said...

yepp!! totally agree wif u..