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Thursday, June 2, 2011

love ?

Salam readers , today I would like to share something about  a HOT topic , I guess amongt the teenagers today, especially Malaysians (whose are entitle 'a Muslim/Muslimah' ) . I want the readers read the phrases below  :)

When two hearts are in love, being apart is hell for them. They just want to be together forever and never be apart from each other. Every moment is valuable. If it is possible, they want to live in a place where there’s no timeline whatsoever. They just want to freeze time and be together. If they have wings, they want to fly together to the skies.
This is the same with us and our sins. We surely LOVE doing our SINS. We are in love with our sins. At first, we will feel some guilt in our hearts but as time flies, when it is at its peak, we will feel nothing at all, no guilt at all. We are drowned in the sea of sins until we are able to ‘breathe’ in it. We are able to bear with it until we feel uncomfortable, unease a day without it.
Before I go on, I want you to imagine you doing your sins this very moment. Imagine, remember back, and feel that temptation of you doing your sins, how does it feel? Good right? And now when you are enjoying your sins, someone pours oil onto your body and lit up the fire. Your body is on FIRE! Your body is burning like hell! You are witnessing your hand burning with fire. The pains of fire eating up your skin slowly until your hands are left with only bones. It hurts right?
This is only the heat that exists on earth, what about the wrath of Al-Mighty Allah in Hell then?
So now, at this very moment your reading this, I dare you, let us leave our LOVE behind!
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just think it out :)

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