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Friday, June 17, 2011

love and ghost

Salam readers , sorry for the delay to update this blog . I have much work out there . But I have a lot of info and ideas to share with you all actually. This post is just simple and short I want to write . If I too much write , I don't think so it makes readers do understand , but it might be you all get bored. It just a critical thinking session  :) Hopefully you may leave your comment here . I wait for it :D The comment just for beneficial thought only the nonsense will be denied .

Okay lets start with love
I'm wanna to stress on movie or film that related with LOVE. I means how they set up the chronology for their film. Mostly we could see they are emphasising  on LOVE. Could you count how many films that published on television/cinema on that way ??? Of course the answer is too and too many.Quite much extremely.

It might be a trauma on citizens especially the teenagers. Yeah !Why I said like that " a trauma". They want the Malaysians mostly are gloating on that way. LOVE, LOVE & LOVE.
Who cares about they do is against  syariat Islamiyah ?
Who cares about ikhtilat ?
Who cares about 'zina' ?
They just do without thinking first , followed their desired , glorified the lifestyle in world.

Okay second part about ghost
It same goes like LOVE. oh. * hampeh*
Generate the people to scare with ghost
do KHURAFAT  things in life . here syirik akbar
oh ! they couldn't generate a values films ,its means the courteous and moral values among people especially in Islamic way.

The chronology for both films ( love&ghost) quite bored, because the end of the story have a same way.  We as the spectator may guest it.
* dah lali dah weyh*

I think this is expression and emoticons from my heart. Loathe laa
( sound of growl )

Islam will not going forward and developing if the way of the Muslim do is against with syariat .

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