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Friday, March 4, 2011


Thanks friend ! love you :)

Whenever I remembered our memories, my heart felt harmony so much :) I don't know why ? why it emerge in myself. I knew , we have a lot of memories that we created together in secondary school. Even , you came here in form two , I felt so great and got pleasant impression from you, First met with you , I wonder you are not talkative person,you just silent your mouth within one week, maybe , you still shamed with us or trying yourself to fix in this school. But, day by day , yeahhh ! you became more friendlier with us , shared something interest with us. But in form two , you not in the same class with me . and we are  not too close.

on the next year , 2007 in form 3 , we sat together in the same class :) 3 BUKHARI.we always gather in group discussion , and presentation group .So at that time , we become more closer and closer to each other. :)

and in form 4 and 5 , we took different flow in our studying, you are in Accounting and me in science extreme :) But we still close, because, we stayed in a same room . I never disengage our relationship from fragile or ruin , I hold this with strong holder. I love our relationship , Never met a person who too understand me very well.

I hope so , even we are studying in  different university but our besties moment never release in my mind
lurve yuu :]

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