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Thursday, March 17, 2011

the sickness of malevolent

People who does not know something
they are ease for them to appoint that person
without investigate
without enquire
without analysis
without scrutiny
blaming, blaming and blaming
until they will feel satisfied
what they said
until they feel they have put their effort very well in dinihim : دينهم
but , it just only nonsense ,
they talked and said without think
without have proper reading
Oh , Allah ! I need a strong that you may provide for me and put it in my , I may strength and have a powerful strength. I know they do something  that wrong and against in Islam, but they don't see much on it. because our belief and culture covered their eyes and they could not see the truth clear and visible. They thought , they have done very very well in Islam, but not all the matters they done is true. Come on ya akhawat ! we should have a revolution on it,especially in Islam don't just do and follow sth that syubhat. It may waste your time. You have another task that more important rather than it.

~~feeling from my heart~~


mature. said...

we should recheck what is the truth and the real Islam . . .

We must turn back to our main guidance or main Islam resources which are Quran and Hadith

We must use the proofs or dalil in the right track

till we believe that the way we choose is THE RIGHT WAY to bring us to the heaven . . .

incognito said...

yeah , i really agree with you :)