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Thursday, March 3, 2011

you should know !

Even I am a talkative person , never ends the story what I am talking about. Even I am cheerful person, always laugh, and seems my life is happy, never show off to you that my heart is hurting.Even , I have a lot of ideas, in order to contribute something, I ease being a tolerant person, more simply  I  be a  unforgiving person.

But all the matters is it , I have a feeling , I never demand your respect to me . but please do something that I feel comfortable. I understand who are you , but you ? Are you know my feeling much ? you may answer no , because you never care about it. RIGHT ?? You should realized about it.

human is not perfect , but, we desire to be so . so we must put off all the good things inside our heart [ tolerantion , trusthworthy, loyalty ,and what so ever is good] ,Thus , you may get waht you want to be :) but please remember the qoutes : HABLU MINNALLAH WA HABLU MINANNAS

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