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Sunday, March 6, 2011

seriously !!

Currently, I am missing my teachers at secondary school ,  :) I dont know why , I feel something I need have some talk with them , sharing something about my studying here ,because , they have much sacrifice for me , in order to demand what I want. and now I got what I want..Praise to Allah :)

I have made a phone called to my best teachers but just a few of them only. First called , I talked with my classroom teacher. She quite surprised with me , maybe we have been loss contact before this and I emerge and appear in her life without her conscious. Sorry teacher . I doesnt mean , I  forgot you already , but no times and spaces for me to ask you and have a long talk with you .Even I visited school last day , I met all the teachers whereupon, but  it  only took a few minutes to have a chatter.

Teachers ,
 You always give me  such essence of spirit and passion to me . You know me better  well , because you have been teached me almost 5 years. You know me, where is my weaknesses in my studying. You know me when I  feel so down whenever ,I could not put myself at the high level. and I always have a sickness in my heart ( extremely jealousy) for those who are more higher than me.AND you are the first being a supporter to me, your words fully with quotes.You give me sufficient supplication in academic for me.You refuge and spellbound to me well. HUHH ! your kindness is too much , teachers ,  :] and unable for me to describe here. Thanks teachers :) teachers like a candle that burn themselves in order to educate and enlighten the people to be a humanity/ mankind :)

but Nowadays , students more likely to blame a teachers because of their punishment. Some of students , could not realized that , what the wisdom beyond the punishment. Teachers , wants their students being a mankind , that have a first mentality of thinking , may give contribution to themselves in store.But , they never give  a chance to themselves to think about it.still blaming and set aside the teachers.Ultimately , these students will make themselves to be a   useless person, make a nuisance and stumble in our society. so , you can see that the effects or consequences , whats gonna be .

I hope students will more realized about sacrification of teachers in teaching them :)who are we ,without a teacher :)

May Allah bless them :)


mature. said...


i totally agree with your words.

students nowadays feel that they are better then their teachers.


maybe the teacher's way of teaching are not as they assumed

or in the easiest word

they dont like the way of teaching.

but they have to accept it

and they must ask what they dont understand

not only keep talking about the teacher at the back


incognito said...

yeah , :)
being a teacher need alot of sacrification in order to have a much time with students
but some of them , could not bear the responbilities as a teachers, so they take the easiest way to teach the , it may contribe a lot of effects .